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Toilet Dashboard

Toilet Management System

HogeNood maps the nearest accessible toilet directly with your smartphone. HogeNood shows you the route to public accessible toilets and also provides information about the facilities of the toilet - think of a wheelchair accessibility -, business hours, costs and reviews of previous visitors.

The HogeNood tablet is hung in your washroom and makes it easy for visitors to review the toilet. The tablet also serves as a digital cleaning schedule and makes the handwritten checklist redundant.

With the HogeNood CMS you can manage the information which is shown in the HogeNood App and/or Tablet. Here you also manage your advertisement. The dashboard gives real-time insights in reviews and cleanings in clear tables and graphs.

Accessible toilets

Restroom or urinoir for men

Restroom for woman

Restroom accessible by wheelchair

Restroom with baby cleaning facilities

Restroom 24h accessible with Key.

Restrooms have bins.

HogeNood tablet in practice

Some examples of parties where the HogeNood tablet is in use.



  • Apps for Noord-Holland First and second price.

    The HogeNood app was rewarderd by the public with the first price. The jury rewarderd the app with the second price.

  • Apps 4 Nederland First price.

    In a National contest the HogeNood app was rewarderd with the first price.

  • Apps 4 Europe Top 10

    International the app was chosen to be on of the top 10 apps of Europe


Report your toilet quickly through the registration form if it is not already shown in the HogeNood app and help other people find your location properly!

HogeNood Toilettest

For all organizations (municipalities, retail, leisure, etc.), which are responsible for public toilets, it is advisable to pay attention to the overall toilet experience. Your company image is partly determined by how visitors rate your toilet. The HogeNoodtoilet test gives a good impression about the appearance of your toilet (s) and handles about 4 aspects: hygiene, smell, ambience & design and toiletries.