The Toilet Indicator is the application for your mobile phone that lets you find the nearest public or semi-public toilet. Imagine that you are shopping , cycling or driving the car in strange surroundings and you need to suddenly go to the bathroom . Where do find the best or cleanest restroom to go to?

The Toilet Indicator app is the most reliable toilet application in the Netherlands. With more than 4,000 controlled locations, you can fully rely on the app. It's therefor no coincidence that the app won several prices with contests in the Netherlands aswell in Europe.

Almost all municipalities in the Netherlands use the Toilet Indicator app to inform people about there public restrooms. Our dashboard provides a perfect tool for managing these toilets because adjustments are directly reflected in the app.

The choice of toilet can you determine on the basis of previous reviews, distance and facilities. With us it is even known whether there is a trash can in the bathroom is and whether it is accessible with a special key. When your finished, leave a review in the app for the next visitor!

The Toilet Indicator app is free to download for iPhone , Android and Windows smartphones via the usual app stores


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  • Apps for Europe: Top 10

This is how the app works:


  • Toilets: 5210
  • Landen: Benelux/UK
  • Platform: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Release Date: 2 April, 2012